Content Analysis

The User Experience for the brand Anthropologie’s website was overall clear, easy, and enjoyable. Anthropologie is a women’s clothing and home goods store. So, when people visit its website, they expect to see clothing, shoes, accessories, home goods, etc. on the front page. Anthropologie lists these above the fold on the front page, which makes for a functional and easy user experience. Although there is no creative “wow factor” on Anthropologie’s website, it is extremely functional and intuitive. It contains the Findability factor because the search button is clearly situated above the fold on the front page. It also contains the accessibility and desirability qualities. Anthropologie has a mobile app that people can download and use when they need it, and it is extremely easy to navigate so it is accessible to all different people. It contains the desirability quality because people want to use it because it is a pleasant experience. On the front page, they showcase the latest arrivals with pleasant pictures. People who immediately want or desire these items can easily click one of the following links: “Shop the February Lookbook,” “Our Latest Arrivals in the Liveliest of Colors,” “Vibrant Dresses,” and “See What’s New.” By doing this, Anthropologie sets up a pleasant experience for online shoppers, which ultimately leads to purchases. Anthropologie also does a great job with keeping its website simple. There is a lot of white, empty space and the links above the fold are kept to a minimum in plain, simple language. When I scrolled to the bottom of the page, there was all the information that people could want, including contact information, links to social media, customer service, careers, information “about us,” etc. Overall, it was a great user experience. Content Analysis